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3d Hologram Fan

3d hologram fan also called 3d led fan, which has similar working theory like led display, their nature is the same, only structure design is different. Holographic technology can make video easily get 3d effect, it can show the material or object vividly. What we see in science-fiction movie, the hologram image also can be realized by this product. This product is very light and easy for installation, software is also simple. It has a lot of size for option, can be connected for a whole screen by using splicing technology. You can install it on the wall or put it on the floor with stand, even you can used it on the gate of shops. Indoor or outdoor both can be used, if using it in outdoor we will provide cover to protect it from rain and collision attack. This product is more economic compare with led screen for lower cost and covers the empty market which led screen can’t domain.

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