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LED transparent screen belongs to a subdivision of LED screen, accounting for about 5% of the LED screen market. At present, there are transparent products such as grille screen, film screen (crystal film screen), photoelectric glass screen on the market. At present, these products may affect the transparency due to the structure (there is a keel structure in the middle of the screen), the display effect is not clear enough (insufficient brightness, large pixel spacing, horizontal or vertical cutting, etc.), and after-sales maintenance is troublesome (dead pixels affect the entire module , after-sales maintenance requires modules to be returned to the factory, etc.) and other functional and structural issues, cannot be fully accepted by end consumers, and cannot expand market share. After several years of research and development, Longvision has completely solved the above problems of the existing transparent screen from the core technology of the chip to the appearance and structure of the product, and truly achieved the coexistence of display and transparency.
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