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Led Display

Led display is widely used for commercial display field , such as advertising, concert, event, stage background, shopping mall, cinema, meeting room, airport etc. Compare with traditional media ( LCD, projector), it has obvious advantage on color and brightness. LED screen can show you a real world at most original color, it can be used indoor and outdoor, even in very tough condition also can work well. LED Display Screen has big business value, because it can be used for advertisement and event background purpose. It’s very easy to change the display content, video and image both can be used for playing. The basic color for led display screen is Red,Green,and Blue. By special technology the color finally can be million different kinds. This industry still growing and technology developed each year, now higher resolution and definition pixel comes out. We are sure this product will be more widely used in the near future.

The display is completely transparent, without any keels. In terms of playback content, transparent videos, ordinary videos, holographic videos and naked-eye 3D videos can all be seamlessly connected. Products are widely used in commercial window, commercial curtain wall, exhibition hall, creative display, entertainment and tourism, automobile 4S shop and other fields.
1.Outdoor Waterproof Led Display 2.High Brightness 3.Wall Led Screen Display Panel 4.Indoor Stage Led Screen 5.Seamless Splicing
Advertising Publish Exhibition Hall Outdoor Indoor Led Display
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