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Interactive Touch Screen

Interactive touch screen now more and more popular in business field. You can see it almost everywhere, like in classroom, meeting room, training center, airport, hotel, shopping mall. It can be used for education, meeting, training, information checking purpose. With the AI technology development it also can be used for hair designing, clothes trying, actor playing, autographing. Now the biggest market for this product must be education field, it has big advantage compare with traditional blackboard. By using the interactive whiteboard, no need to use the chalk which need be cleaned now and then, waste a lot of time. It’s cleaner and environment friendly. The most important it can display anything you want such as video and image, which can explain well to the student, make teaching easier. Whatever this product change the way of teaching and training. It’s not only can be used for teaching also can be used for advertisement, you can see it often appearing in public occasion. 

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