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Interactive Whiteboard

Interactive whiteboard is widely used in education and meeting occasion. Almost every school have this product to give student better experience for learning, also teachers don’t need to use chalk to write in blackboard which is not so cleaning way. In addition, by using the whiteboard, can bring the classroom more interactivity and convenience for on line learning. Compare with the traditional projectors, the interactive whiteboard is more clear and higher definition for meeting purpose. The white board support HDMI, USB,VGA input, it can show same content as in your laptop and mobile. You can choose android and windows dual system. The installation can be wall mount or floor standing, we will provide the supporting frame or customize according to your demands. Also if you want some special function we can customize the software for you. The maximum size for this product is 110inch, but we don’t suggest this size as cost is too high, normally below 86inch is better.

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