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Kiosk Touch Screen

Kiosk touch screen is widely seen for information guide in such occasion like bank, shopping mall, metro station, supermarket, cinema etc. The screen size from 32inch to 75inch, and the stand always have different kinds of design according to application requested. The stand always can customize according to environment needs, screen always is ignored because of no need change. You can make stand with angle or straight, with wheels or not, movable or fixed, sometimes the stand is the part of the building. For the screen, you can use different function, need touch function or not, android or windows system, also can customize the software for you if you have special request. This product also can be used for playing advertisement, so you can see it widely in airport and railway station. The size bigger, the resolution can be higher, you can choose 2k or 4k. Also the capacity of ROM and Ram can be optional for different price.

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