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Creative Led Display

Creative led display is different from traditional led display because of its design is very new and strange. What kind of led product is creative type? We can introduce you a lot, such as flexible led display, round circle led display, cube led display, triangle led display, transparent led display, ball sphere led display. In a word, as long as its irregular design, we can say it is creative led display. Creative led has its market because people want to see the display in different shapes not only in square type. The disadvantage for creative led screen is the cost, because of the irregular shape design, you need to make different mold every type, so cost can’t go down if it can not be mass production. Also another issue for creative led display is the stability of the quality, now most big company not willing to do it by their own, they often find small company to do OEM. So it is important to find professional supplier for creative products.

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