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Indoor Led Display

Indoor led display has a large application occasion such as retail chain store, cinema, meeting room, monitor center, cinema, railway station, etc. Compare with outdoor led display, even the working condition is not so tough, but it need high definition and resolution model. There are many different structure design for indoor products, regular and irregular, die-casting aluminum and normal iron, with cabinet and without cabinet, for event or for fixed installation, permanent type or mobile type, front maintenance or back maintenance, heavy or light weight. The pixel pitch from 10mm to 0.9mm, which means the different density of the screen, with different resolution and definition. For indoor led screen, it’s important to avoid get moisture, and need be anti-erosion in some high salty condition. Because the pixel pitch is smaller, so it is very easy to get collision problem, so the GOB/COB technology can protect the led lamp very well. In summarize, for indoor led display you need good design and right solution.

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