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Fine Pitch Led Display

Fine pitch led display also called narrow pitch led display or small pitch led display, that means the model below 2mm, which has a very high definition effect, of course, cost also not cheap. With the development of led technology, cost is going down, the usage of fine pitch led screen is more and more popular, which also contribute to the growth of whole led display market. Now for the fine pitch led, the biggest challenge is the maintenance, as the density is too high so that easily broken by hit attack. To repair the led lamp, need professional engineer and equipment, which increase the after-sale cost, and slow down the usage of the fine pitch led products. In spite of such disadvantage issue, the fine pitch led still widely used in monitor center, meeting room, and high end cinema. As the visual effect is so good compare with LCD and projector, it has a big market. The pixel pitch goes smaller is a trend!

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