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Flight case protects transportation

Details of the flight case

Transportation is a crucial process in transactions, which can affect the quality of the product and the satisfaction of the customer with this transaction. Our company has adopted aviation boxes as the main protective measure for transportation

The increase in the value of high-tech products determines that the carrier of the product, the aviation box, has higher protection functions. The external structure of the aviation box is made of harder multi-layer plywood with ABS fireproof boards nailed to a wooden box. Each side of the wooden box is made of aluminum alloy profiles with a certain thickness and strength, and each corner of the box is connected and fixed with alloy aluminum edges and plywood using high-strength metal spherical corners, The bottom of the box is composed of PU wheels with strong load-bearing and wear-resistant capabilities; Internal structure: The box can be installed with partitions according to the product characteristics. The inner side and partitions of the box are coated with relatively soft EVA composite solid rebound material, which has the functions of lightweight, insulation, shock resistance, moisture resistance, flame resistance, oxidation resistance, and sealing. The internal and external structure and materials of the aviation box determine its advantages such as fire resistance, waterproofing, impact resistance, and easy mobility, and the diversity of colors of the fireproof board makes it visually more beautiful.

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